His & Hers Body Waxing Salon Midvale, Utah

What kind of wax are you looking for? Are you into something simple like a small arm or leg wax, or do you want to go for the whole package and get a full-body or Brazilian wax? At His and Hers Waxing in Midvale, you’ll get every option you could possibly need – and much more. We provide a wide range of clients with a huge selection of waxing services, large and small, giving you the up-close smooth feel you want on any part of the body.


His & Hers Waxing
7198 Union Park Ave #129
Midvale, Utah

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Wax in Comfort

Some people deal with bits of apprehension when it comes to a wax, and we understand that at His and Hers Waxing. That’s why we design our salon experience to be a comfortable and relaxing one from the jump, with caring professionals who can set your mind at ease. We’ll help you with any details of the process you’re unsure of, plus work with you on pain reduction methods if necessary.

Hygienic and Professional

We aren’t just the best because we care, however – we’re also the best due to the high standards of quality we maintain. All our waxing services are completed in clean and hygienic environments, no matter the scope of your waxing needs.

Better yet, we deliver lasting results that often prevent further hair growth for as long as six weeks or even further. Unlike creams or other forms of hair removal, waxing attacks the root of the hair below the skin surface, creating both longer smoothness on the legs and easier hairs to deal with once they do return. For this reason, you’ll find you get more and more comfortable with each wax – if you can make it through the first session, you’re good to go from there.

So why wait? Contact the pros at His and Hers Waxing in Midvale to learn about all our waxing services.