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Brazilian Wax in Salt Lake City

His and Hers Waxing is the salon of choice to get a Brazilian wax in Midvale and throughout Salt Lake City. As an extremely delicate procedure, you want to make sure it’s handled with both efficiency and grace. And that’s what exactly our waxologists are trained to do.

Our techniques are refined—honed by years of serving thousands of clients in Salt Lake City and our staff’s passion for the craft.

We have designed our salon to evoke a sense of intimacy and calm, because we consider your beauty needs of utmost importance. More than that, we make your hygiene and comfort our priorities, so our aestheticians follow a strict No Double-dipping Policy.

Why Wax?

As intimidating as it sounds, we all need a Brazilian wax. It’s practically the quickest, most effective hair removal method that offers long-lasting results. If you want to feel totally smooth and hairless all over the bikini line and hard-to-reach areas, a Brazilian will do the trick.

But if you don’t want to go completely bare, we can leave a hint of hair and groom it according to your preference.

Waxing is Our Passion

An effective Brazilian wax experience requires a quick hand and a gentle manner. This is the key to a bump-free, silky smooth bikini area in a flash. We use a combination of warm wax, strip, and tweeze methods to effectively clean up hair in your intimate areas. There will be some discomfort, but the pain will disappear in a flash.

We apply premier aftercare creams to soothe your skin. With our expert hands, you’ll be groomed in as little as 30 minutes, and you’ll walk away feeling impeccably clean and fresh.

His and Hers Waxing is the best place to get a Brazilian wax in Salt Lake City. If you still have qualms about the procedure, call us and we’ll answer all your questions. But if want to have that clean-up you deserve, book a session with us and we’ll deliver on our promise of a quick and pleasant waxing experience.

For a delicate zone waxed to perfection, make us your go-to Brazilian wax salon. We promise the best results.

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