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Body Waxing Salon Near South Jordan, Utah

Have you been considering waxing services for any part of your body? If you’re unsure about details or nervous about some part of the process, look no further than the pros at His and Hers Waxing to help keep you both relaxed and informed.

Our waxing services include helpful, friendly professionals who set your mind at ease from the moment you book your appointment. If you’re worried about discomfort from the wax itself, our experts can walk you through the expectations here for various areas you might be interested in waxing.

get the most of your wax

Effective Hair Removal Near South Jordan

Not only will we keep you comfortable, we’ll leave you with the smoothest skin you’ve ever experienced. His and Hers Waxing only employs experienced, high-quality waxing staff, all of whom work exclusively in sterile environments to avoid even minor risks of irritation or infection. Our waxes stand the test of time, too – even some of our most regular clients go weeks or even months in between waxing services.

Why Wax?

Why is waxing so effective? Well, because it’s a different form of hair removal than those many are used to. When you shave, for instance, you’re only removing surface hairs – the root of the hair remains, and will quickly begin growing back. This is why many people experience stubble, often even on the same day as they shave.

With waxing, this is a total non-issue. Waxing services penetrate the skin and remove hair all the way at the root, a big part of why our services last so long. This also leads to smoother hair regrowth, which in turn lowers the irritation or discomfort associated with the wax during each subsequent appointment. That’s right – every wax you get will be easier than the last one.

So for local pros in convenient locations who can get you the waxing services you deserve, contact His and Hers Waxing today.