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Body Waxing Salon Near West Jordan, Utah

Is apprehension based on discomfort or irritation keeping you from getting the smooth skin you’ve always desired? Let the pros at His and Hers Waxing take over and show you the reality of a good waxing experience: A comfortable, soothing process that limits discomfort and leaves you with the smoothest skin you’ve ever had.

From the second you call us for an appointment to the moment you leave our salon, we’re all about making things as comfortable as possible. Our pros will work with you on determining the proper areas for a wax, plus explain the full process and prepare you for any brief moments of discomfort. We even have relaxation techniques that can help with those who have significant nerves.

get the most of your wax

Quality Services for West Jordan

On top of our friendly atmosphere, we boast the highest quality waxing services available. You’ll never require touch-ups or return services – only a repeat appointment weeks or even months down the line once you see how happy you are with the smooth skin we help provide.

All our staff at His and Hers Waxing is detailed and experienced. We can show you the sterile processes we use to ensure there’s no risk of infection or unneeded irritation during or after your wax.

Waxing Beats the Competition

For those who truly want the smoothest possible skin, nothing beats waxing. Even the very best razors out there are still only pulling hair off the surface of your skin – waxing, on the other hand, pulls it from deeper under the skin. Removing the roots of hair causes it to not only regrow far more slowly, but also to regrow soft and smooth. This means that every time you wax, you’re contributing to making hair removal easier in that area in the future.

To learn more about our waxing services or schedule an appointment at one of our two convenient locations that are perfect for West Jordan residents, speak to the staff at His and Hers Waxing today.