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To Wax, Or Not To Wax?

Within the world of hair removal, there are some who wonder whether they should wax. At His and Hers Waxing, we offer a simple answer: If you want the best possible form of hair removal out there, then yes you should!

Waxing beats shaving and other forms of hair removal by leaps and bounds. For starters, it’s longer-lasting than any other type on the market – even if you want to keep things extremely close and never have so much as a little bit of stubble on your skin, you’ll be able to go weeks in between appointments.

first time waxing tips

Speaking of stubble, are you sick of it? Well, waxing is for you then. Skin waxing procedures pull away hair all the way from the root, located deep under the skin – this means that when those same hairs grow back, that stubble you’ve seen in the past is nowhere to be found. Rather, you’ll find smooth and soft hairs that make all future waxes even simpler to go through.

For Millcreek, His and Hers Stands Out

At His and Hers Waxing, we know that the above information about waxing effectiveness isn’t all that matters. Clients want a comfortable, relaxing waxing experience, particularly those who may have small misgivings about the bits of pain that sometimes come with these services, and we’re here to give it to them.

That’s why, from the moment you walk in our doors, we’re dedicated to your comfort and relaxation. Our experienced waxing professionals will explain the entire process to you, plus show you the sanitary and safety procedures we take to ensure all your waxing needs are met in a healthy way.

So to learn what we can do for you, or to schedule an appointment, contact His and Hers Waxing today.