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Men’s Waxing in Salt Lake City

We don’t beat around the bush. Put away those razors, say goodbye to bumps and cuts and say hello to a more dashing, sleeker you. His and Hers Waxing is the go-to male waxing salon in Salt Lake City, offering a variety of services that can meet your body’s grooming needs. From eyebrow waxing to full manzilian, our waxing services will look after every inch of you. Our friendly, highly trained waxologists will get you hair-free in no time and create a speedy experience that will have you wishing you’d done this a long time ago.

facial waxing
15 min – $15

Manscaping at its finest. Whether you are looking for separation of the 2 or a fully sculpted brow, our brow specialist will assist you.

15 min – $12

Quick and nearly painless. No one ‘nose’ the struggle of having nose hairs like us!

15 min – $12

We’re all ears on this one…just not the hairy kind.

body waxing
30 min – $80

That’s right gents, it’s not just for the ladies anymore. Complete hair removal in the brief area from front to back. *Add cheeks + $10

Manzilian Maintenance
30 min – $75

For our regular clients who hate hair as much as we do. Book 6 weeks or under for your maintenance manzilian.

Manzilian + Cheeks
30 min – $90
30 min – $35

Just because it’s there doesn’t mean it should be. Treat yourself to LONG lasting results and a bare smooth chest.

30 min – $25

We don’t remember a Hairy dough boy ever being a thing. Hair removal from mid-torso to your pant line.

Chest & Stomach
30 min – $50

Best wax ever? We think so. Complete hair removal from your neck to your pant line.

30 min – $50

“Are you fur real?” Get rid of that sweater from neck to pant line.

Full Leg
60 min – $75

Smooth legs for longer than a day. Never have to shave again. Hair removal from thighs to toes. Popular with our cyclists!

Half Leg
30 min – $45

No fuzz on half your gams? From your knee down or knee up to your speedo line.

Full Arm
30 min – $48

Smooth arms from shoulder to finger tips.

Half Arm
30 min – $25

From your elbow down or elbow up.

Under Arm
15 min – $20
15 min – $5

No hobbit feet allowed! Hair removal for the perfect tosies.

Just Cheeks
30 min – $25

Cheeks, not the face ones ? A little fuzzy? We’ve got wax for that too.

Just Crack
15 min – $20

A popular wax for the gents-leaving you clean and carefree.

waxing Packages
Back/Chest/ Stomach
60 min – $95

The ultimate in fur sweater removal.

60 min – $125+

Exactly what it sounds like. Complete hair removal from your neckline, glutes, crack and partial manzilian. *Upgrade with full manzilian = $150

Athlete Full Body
150 min – $375+

Smooth from head to toe…. literally. Full body male waxing.

Quick, Comfortable Manscaping

We know your time is precious, so we don’t waste a bit of it. Our waxologists are trained to perform gentle, effective—but fast—methods of hair removal. We use specialty creams and products that leave the skin hydrated and smooth, from your face and chest to your back and legs.

And gentlemen, every visit to our clean, well-appointed salon will be a pleasant experience.

Our friendly staff will make sure of that. We know how nerve-wracking hair removal can be for first-timers or even for grooming aficionados, so we’ve built our space and services around your comfort and satisfaction.

Smooth and Stylish

Nose hairs aren't cute & ear hair is a no-go. We can help you clean things up (& fix those brows so you have two instead of one!). At His & Hers, we have developed the most harmless and effective procedures to keep those unwanted strands at bay.

We Don’t Double Dip

Your safety and hygiene are our priorities. So double-dipping is definitely off the agenda at His and Hers Waxing. Our waxologists religiously follow our strict rules on hygiene.

Gents, it’s time to let go of the razors and let His and Hers Waxing take over the manscaping for you. Our waxing salon for men in Salt Lake City will do the grooming fast, clean, and to perfection.