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Body Waxing Salon Serving Taylorsville, Utah

For all Taylorsville residents looking for waxing services, you’ve come to the right place. Not only does His and Hers Waxing provide the highest quality waxing services on the market, we do it from two convenient locations that are perfect for folks around the Salt Lake Valley.

This starts with our high-level team, made up solely of experienced professionals who have spent time in the salon atmosphere in the past. Your waxing expert will attend to your every need from start to finish, including explaining any of our safety or sterilization processes to you as needed. They can also offer industry quality recommendations on everything from waxing frequency to areas you should consider.

Waxing and Comfort for Taylorsville

For some, waxing is a breeze that comes with no discomfort. For others, there are bits of apprehension and discomfort involved, particularly in sensitive areas. At His and Hers Waxing, we’re here to serve both groups and everyone in between.

If you’re concerned about pain or irritation, let our experienced staff set your mind at ease. We’ll offer relaxation techniques and a soothing salon experience that calms your nerves, allowing you to get the close, smooth skin you deserve without any baggage.

Why Waxing Stands Out

Waxing isn’t the only form of hair removal possible, but it’s absolutely the most effective. It pulls hairs directly up from their roots underneath the skin, a process that limits regrowth for an exponential period of time compared to surface removal formats like shaving or other creams.

That’s not all, either. Know why so many people come back for repeat waxes? That’s because pulling the hair from deep in the root also changes the way it grows back – instead of a little bit of stubble poking up above the surface from where the hair was cut off, waxing leaves regrown hair that’s smooth and soft when it finally comes back. For this reason, every wax you get after your first one will get easier and come with less skin irritation.

So why wait? For the best waxing services out there, call the pros at His and Hers Waxing today to schedule an appointment.