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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Your Most Popular Service?

Without a doubt, our Brazilian wax is the most popular for both males and females. Brazilian waxes are clean, hygienic and leave you ready to suit up for the pool at any moment.

What Does Brazilian Wax Mean?

Simply put, a Brazilian wax is front to back and in-between hair removal of the genital area. We provide female and male Brazilian wax services.

Is Waxing Painful?

The answer to this question is it depends. For many people, yes waxing is painful. The first time a person waxes, their hair follicles aren't used to being pulled out so they hold tightly to the hair. As one continues to wax, the follicles begin to soften and pull much easier with each wax. Meaning with each consecutive wax, it will be less painful. This is another reason we encourage you to keep up with your waxing.

How Long Does Waxing Take?

Our estheticians specialize in speed waxing, meaning we can get you in and out of a brazilian wax appointment in about 15 minutes. If multiple areas are being waxed, ask about how long the process will take when you make an appointment.

How Long Does Waxing Last?

With waxing, because we are pulling the hair out from the follicle, you will be smooth for 1-2 weeks after your appointment. But your hair grows in cycles, so if you are seeing short hairs pop up a few days after your wax, don't worry. That is normal. Leave it and we will get those at your next appointment.

What Is Hair Regrowth Like?

It's nothing like shaving! When you shave, you cut the hair off at the root and when the hair grows back (the next day) a sharp, prickly feeling can occur. When you wax, the hair is pulled from the root and a brand new hair must develop and grow up toward the surface. This leaves you with baby-like fuzz. It's not prickly, itchy, or rough. Plus… you will have little to no hair for between 1-2 weeks!

Should I Trim My Hair Before Waxing?

No! Don't worry about taking any length off. Your esthetician will take care of all of that for you.

How Often Should I Wax?

Our waxing salon estheticians suggests that you wax every 3-6 weeks, depending on the area of the body you are waxing. However, with a Brazilian wax, we suggest every 3-4 weeks.

Can I Wax When Pregnant?

Yes. In fact, a pre-labor wax is becoming quite popular. Let's face it, there comes a point when you can't see what's going on down there and need a little help. Our estheticians take care of everything for you. You may be a bit more tender while pregnant, but when maintained, it's not too bad.

What Is The Skins Reaction To Waxing?

After your wax, when you sit up to take in the view, expect the skin to be a little red and bumpy for a short while. Waxing is heavy exfoliation on the skin, but redness should subside within a few hours.

Can I Wax On My Menstrual Cycle?

Yes! There is no problem with waxing on your cycle, it happens! We do ask that you come in clean and wear a tampon. We also provide cleansing wipes in each of our rooms. Women tend to be a little more tender around the time of the month and the week prior, so you may want to take some ibuprophen.

How Can I Book An Appointment With His & Hers Waxing? Do You Accept Walk In's?

The best way to book an appointment is to book online or you can call our salon at 801-449-0527. We recommend that you make an appointment as our estheticians are busy and we cannot guarantee if you walk in that we will have any available times.

What Kind Of Wax Do You Use?

Since we specialize in speed waxing we have found the perfect soft wax that is gentle on the most tender parts of your body and get every last hair. We know there is talk about how you should never use soft wax on the Brazilian but we are here to tell you that is a lie! If it was dangerous, we would never use that on our clients. Most people who say to never wax with soft wax have either 1) never used it 2) Are going off of something they heard from someone else. Or 3) Are not specially trained in soft wax. Our estheticians are highly trained and have perfected our technique making your appointment with us the best waxing experience ever!

Why Is There Hair Left Over Right After My Wax?

Sounds like your hair cycles are not synced up, which is normal. Our hair grows in 3 different cycles - Short, medium, and Long. They cycles are offset due to this being your first time wax, it has been a few months since your last appointment, or you have shaved between waxes. The short hairs you are seeing were just to short for any wax to pick up, what you want to do now is leave them alone! DONT SHAVE, TWEEZE or TRIM those hairs, let them grow out and they will be long enough with the rest of your hair at your next appointment. It takes 3-4 consistent appointments to get the cycles all synced up. At the time of your appointment our estheticians will take time after your wax to tweeze as many of those pesky short hairs so you are left feeling smooth as can be.

I'm running late for my appointment, what happens?

If you arrive more than 10 minutes past your appointment start time we may not have enough time to complete your service. If this happens your appointment will be canceled and considered a "no-show/Late cancelation" resulting in our cancelation fee of 50% of they scheduled service.

How Long Should My Hair Before Before Waxing?

We suggest at least 2 weeks from the last time you shaved. If it is longer than that no worried you are ready to get waxed! Book that appointment now.

What Medications Should I Avoid?

You cannot be waxed if you are taking any antibiotics, Accutane, Differin, or Retin A. Any medications that list "sun sensitivity" as a side effect will also preclude you from being waxed. You should also avoid waxing while using glycolic acid, harsh exfoliants, or any facial peels.
All these products thin out and weaken your skin, making you more sensitive and likely to burn or peel. You should wait 2-6 weeks - depending on how long you have been on the medication - before you wax, as we want to make sure the medication is out of your system so you have the most pleasant waxing experience. If you are not sure of how you may react from any other prescriptions you may be taking, please give us a call beforehand so we can help determine if you are able to wax.

Are we LGBTQ friendly?

Absolutely! We are a 'Safe Zone' for all of our clients. We truly are waxing for EVERYbody! We strive to support and provide a comfortable environment for our transitioning clients. Visit for more resources.

Is Airbrush Spray Tanning Safe?

You bet! The main ingredient DHA has been FDA approved. You'll also be getting a great color without harmful UV rays.

What is DHA?

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is a type of sugar. When it is applied to the skin it causes a natural chemical reaction to the skin producing the color of your tan.

How Long Will The Application Last?

It is different for everyone but your tan will last you anywhere from 5-10 days. Your tan will naturally fade depending on how much you'll be in water (shower/swimming/sweating) and the natural moisture of your skin.

How Do I Get The Best Out Of My Tan?

The first thing BEFORE the appointment is to have clean exfoliated skin. Having no products or oils on the skin will help the tan to go on even and last longer. AFTER the appointment, avoid exfoliation, hot tubs/baths, and moisturize! Avoid products with alcohol and did we mention to moisturize?

Can I Wax Before My Airbrush Spray Tan?

Yes! We will provide wipes to clean any oils off the skin so you can receive a spray tan after waxing. Waxing after the appointment will take off your tan and cause streaking so schedule accordingly.

What Can I Expect At The Appointment?

You can plan on 20-25 min for your service. You'll fill out a consent form and then have a consultation with your tan tech to choose the right color. While your tan tech gets the solution ready, you'll undress to your comfort level and prepare to be tanned. Your tech will walk you through step by step a series of positions to get an even, beautiful tan. The tech will apply powder to different areas and dry you as well. After the tan is applied, you can wipe your feet and get dressed. The tan can come off at this stage so wear lose dark clothing till the tan processes. But don't worry! The color will come out of clothing/sheets after washing them.

Do People Go Nude? Isn't That Embarrassing?

YES people go nude and NO it isn't embarrassing! You might feel scared to go nude but our tan techs all are comfortable and used to the human body. We all wax full bodies in our other lives. Going nude will get you the best tan without possible streaking or lines. But there is no pressure! So you can wear your swimsuit, undergarments or use disposables. We just want you to know that it is normal and our techs are total professionals if you do choose to wear your birthday suit.

What Should I Do After The Service?

Wait at least 8 hours before showering/exercising. Less than 8 hours will not give the tan enough time to process. This includes NOT GETTING WET before the 8 hours. Getting wet will cause your tan to steak or be blotchy. (This includes spilling your water bottle down your face ? so be careful!)

How do I get started with my first airbrush spray tan?

Call or text us at 801-449-0527 to ask us any further questions or schedule your appointment. Remember you can tack this on at the end of your waxing appointment as well. Ready to book online? Click here to get started.