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Working Out After Waxing

August 19, 2018

Waxing continues to grow in popularity. Men and women alike enjoy the smooth and longer lasting results. But in order to make the most of your wax there are important things you must know. For today, lets focus on working out after waxing.

Exercising After A Wax

After getting body waxed (regardless of the type of wax used), a moisturizing element begins and can make you feel more sweaty than usual. This can last for up to 24 hours, although it isn’t usually enough to bother most people. However, if you are a gym rat or fitness fanatic, you may need to skip a day or two after your wax appointment.

Did you know that the pre-waxing lotion that is applied before the wax is actually meant to prevent you from sweating during your wax session? Waxing opens your pores. This means that going to the straight to the gym and building a sweat doesn’t give your pores enough time to close. This can lead to an accumulation of bacteria in those pores and can lead to the dreaded ingrown hairs.

After your wax, your skin is more sensitive to sweat and bacteria. Give it some time to recover before working up a sweat. Generally 24 hours is enough time to ensure your skin has begun to heal. However, some people do prefer 36-40 hours rest, especially in the case of a brazillian wax. Consider wearing looser clothes as well. Tightly fitting gym clothes can irritate your sin on top of all the sweat.

If you are a die hard and can’t skip a gym day, consider doing a lighter workout that generates less heat and sweat. Some people choose for this to be a lifting day or a yoga day. However, there a few workouts you CANNOT do for 24 hours post wax. These include swimming, kick-boxing, high fit or other dancing aerobics and running. These generate too much heat, sweat and possibly chaffing.

These are precautions you can take to protect your freshly waxed skin. After all, healthy skin assures us looking our best!

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