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Waxing In The Summer

July 25, 2018

We are deep in the summer months. That means shorts, dresses and…. swim suits. This is the time of year that you can’t avoid dealing with those hairy legs or bikini line. Best advice we can give you? Start now and don’t get behind on appointments. The wax experts and His & Hers Waxing will make recommendations for you but lets address some of the most common question asked about waxing in the summer.

How long should I wait between bikini waxes?

Generally, your wax should last anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks. For best results, you should get on a schedule and stay on it. If you are consistent, that length of time will actually increase. Why? The more you wax, the weaker the hair follicle becomes, making it easier to remove the hair. So if you stop waxing for any extended length of time, you are reversing that process and it will be like staring over. Keep in mind, we do offer maintenance waxes if you don’t want to see any regrowth. Talk to one of the wax experts for more details.

How can I avoid ugly ingrown hairs?

This is another one that we recommend steady waxing for. Consistency will lower your chance of getting these unsightly bumps. Also, be aware that tight clothing can compress your hair against the body which can make it curl back into the follicle. Avoid shaving the area as much as possible.

What can I do before a wax to make it more effective?

The main recommendation here would be to stay hydrated. Dry skin means your hair is prone to breakage. We recommend drinking plenty of water as well as a great moisturizer on the area to be waxed for several days prior to your appointment.

What can I do after waxing to soothe my skin?

If your skin gets inflamed (redness, itchiness, bumps, etc) you can apply a cold pack to the area. This will reduce inflammation and close your pores. After you may apply a soothing moisturizer. Also, wear loose clothing to prevent chafing.

Remember that in these summer months, if you are headed straight to the pool or beach you NEED to apply a sunscreen prior to exposure to the sun. Be cautious and give it 24 hours before direct exposure.

If you have any other questions, please call us today and one of our knowledgeable estheticians can help set up a wax schedule just for you.