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Waxing Care for Specific SLC Skin Conditions

April 13, 2021
waxing care SLC skin conditions

As anyone who has received waxing services in the past is well aware, there’s a direct connection between waxing and the skin. Waxing is performed on the skin, of course, and the process of removing hair from various skin surfaces may have an impact on the skin for many people.

At His & Hers Waxing, we’re proud to assist with not only various waxing services for both men and women, from body waxing to facial waxing and much more, but also with related skin care and proper regimentation for smooth, healthy skin post-waxing to all our Salt Lake City clients. We’ll advise you on a number of potential areas following treatment, including themes like skin care products or general techniques to limit any side effects or minor inflammation. In addition, while these conditions are not caused by waxing in any way, there are a few skin conditions or related issues some of our clients have experienced in the past that may be impacted by waxing in some way, or may require special post-waxing care. Here are a few basic examples, plus what to do about them if they’re present in your case.


Folliculitis refers to a skin infection that’s caused by damage to hair follicles. For instance, ingrown hairs that many of us have dealt with at some point in our lives are a form of folliculitis.

While folliculitis can take place during or after waxing, it’s much rarer here than the likelihood of this event taking place when using a razor. One area of the body that’s particularly susceptible to ingrown hairs is the bikini line on women, so those receiving a bikini wax should take solid cleanliness and exfoliation practices. In particular, exfoliating prior to waxing will help remove lingering dead skin cells that are often responsible for infection. We’ll provide further tips and expertise for your wax if you’ve dealt with any form of folliculitis in the past.

Sun Concerns

Prolonged exposure to UV rays can be damaging to any skin, but especially skin that’s a bit more sensitive – as yours will be for a few hours or days after a fresh wax. While you should be taking general precautions anytime you spend significant periods in the sun, such as applying high-SPF sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays, these become even more important in the period directly following a wax. Particularly if you have sensitive skin or have dealt with major sun damage recently, this is a vital area.


Finally, the most common skin condition in the US is acne, which can be both painful and unsightly but also varies significantly between those who suffer from it. Our primary tip here, at least as far as how acne issues relate to waxing, relates to our first section: The use of exfoliants is often extremely valuable here, plus has pre-wax benefits we already discussed. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, which, when combined with a basic cleanser that removes oil and clogging of pores, helps limit acne issues.

For more on certain skin conditions you can prevent or limit surrounding a wax, or to learn about any of our waxing services in Salt Lake City, speak to the staff at His & Hers Waxing today.