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Tips For New Waxers

August 17, 2018

If you have never been waxed before, it can be a little daunting. Whether you are waxing your upper lip for the first time or if you are waxing your bikini area. We talked to our team of expert waxers and put together a list of tips for new waxers. If you want to come in store and see how our professionals work, head down to one of our two stores today and book an appointment with us. Alternately, if you’re across country, you may want to have a look into, for your pointers!

Tips For New Waxers

  • The first thing we recommend is choosing the right location, and one focused on hygiene.. The most important thing that we look for is that they do NOT double dip into the wax. It is also beneficial to look for a place that focuses on waxing. Most salons or nail places say they offer waxing, but go to the experts for your first visit. This could cost a little more but you would rather be safe on your first appointment. You can view the waxing costs online before booking an appointment.
  • Make sure your growth is where it should be. As a general rule of thumb, your hair should be about the length of a grain of rice. Depending on the area and your hair, you waxer will make recommendations for length of time between waxes.
  • Worried about the pain? It won’t be as bad as you may have built it up to be in your head. Our expert team of waxers work quickly and efficiently to make it as painless as possible. But you can take some ibuprofen an hour or so before hand if you want.
  • Shower before your wax. Can’t shower? Try using a gentle cleansing cloth on the area awhile before your appointment.
  • Don’t drink alcohol before getting waxed. It will tighten the pores, making the hair more difficult to remove.
  • Do not come in for a wax on an area that has been sunburnt recently. And do not go tanning within 24 hours before or after your wax.
  • Stick to the waxing schedule recommended to you by your waxing professional. They will consider your hair to make a recommendation that will help you get the most out of your wax. After a few consistent visits, your hair will be easier to remove. But if you don’t maintain your waxes, it is like starting over each time.
  • Exfoliate after your wax. This is the best way to prevent in grown hairs. We generally recommend waiting a few days and then exfoliating every other day.
  • After waxing don’t go swimming as it can irritate the area recently waxed. Same with a steam room or heavy exercise that may increase circulation and body heat.
  • Stay hydrated. This will help give you silky smooth results and will eventually lead to easier wax appointments.

The most important thing is to communicate with your waxer. If you have sensitive skin, let them know before hand. This would include medications that may impact you skin. For women, your skin may also be more sensitive if you are closer to your cycle. Make sure you discuss this with you wax professional. Our team is very knowledgeable and is available to answer any questions that you may have. Text or call us today at (801) 449-0527.