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Things Every Man Should Know Before Getting Waxed

February 1, 2016
Close-up Of A Therapist Applying Wax On Man's Body

Things Every Man Should Know Before Getting Waxed

3 Things to Know before you go:

  1. DON’T SHAVE! In order to receive a good wax you need to let your hair grow out at least 10-14 days. (A quarter to a half inch.) Don’t worry about the hair being too long, our estheticians will take care of any trimming needing done. Wax won’t grab hair that is in the ‘short cycle.’ This means any hair that is right at the surface or about to pop through the skin. So, let everything grow in and prepare for an even smoother wax!
  2. RELAX! We aren’t His & Hers Waxing for nothing! Our staff has been thoroughly trained in our manzilian technique and does this every day! Sorry gents, you’re not the first. With our specialized waxing method we make things as painless and as quick as possible. Our back, chest, and manzilians are booked in a 30 minute appointment slot and are typically finished within 15-20 minutes! Our team of estheticians are real pros at educating you about the process, regrowth and maintenance of your new ‘do.’ Just breathe and come check it out for yourself.
  3. If one of the red-flags holding you back from a manscaping trial is your fear of the NARB (No Apparent Reason Boner), you should know you’re not alone. It’s estimated that a percentage of first time manzilians may experience this. As a waxer, this is simply a feature of the job description, and we ignore it, going about our work as any professional would. Generally after the first few strips of wax are removed it goes away.

Myths about waxing

IT’S ONLY FOR THE LADIES. Wrong!! Manscaping is very popular. Having that smooth back, 2 eyebrows instead of 1 and not sharing all the fun stuff up your nose with everyone you meet is a great way to feel on top of your game. Just ask the ladies, it’s so nice to be able to walk out the door not worrying about your odds and ends 😉

IT’S PAINFUL. Granted we wouldn’t go as far as claiming it’s completely pain-less but the pain factor is certainly overstated. Of course the youtube videos are going to make things seem outrageous, that’s why they are on youtube. If you are that concerned about the pain, call ahead! We offer a few tips and tricks to help alleviate things, along with A NUMBING CREAM!

“I’m not comfortable with anyone other than myself, my girlfriend, or my doctor handling the family jewels.” We’d be lying if we told you this wasn’t most mens number one fear prior to the appointment. Subjecting yourself to a bout of manscaping is a daunting social experiment; you don’t know how your body and mind will respond to the more invasive aspects of the procedure until it’s immediately at hand (pun intended). But you can largely defuse this perceived tension by keeping things loose: e.g. talk, make jokes, and do your best to forget about on the empirical facts at play. Yes, someone is coating your private parts with hot wax, and yes, skin-to-glove contact is constant and, shall we say, immodest. But that does not mean you need to be fraught with anxiety at the sexual implications of the experience: remember, you’re in a professional environment, receiving a service from someone who treats it as such.

Rules for maintaining your new patch job

THE 4 S’s

1-No Sun or sun tanning withing 24 hours of your new wax

2-No Sports….sweating the first 24 hours of your new wax. This includes swimming or soaking in hot tubs.

3-No Sex for the first 24 hours

4-No Shaving (ever again!)

We advise these because your hair has been removed from the follicle leaving it open and susceptible to bacteria. Keep the skin clean and clear of irritation for the first 24 hours.

INVEST. Make sure to pick up the aftercare product that your esthetician uses. After every single wax we provide you with an aftercare product that helps to calm the skin, fight bacteria, and fight ingrown hairs.

MAKE YOUR NEXT APPOINTMENT. To maintain your new wax and not ever return to that first time experience again, make sure you are on the books 4-6 weeks out. Incredible isn’t it?! You no longer have to worry about shaving every day, or every week for that matter. The hair takes that long to regenerate, grow up to the surface and out again. Make sure not to shave anything in between(you won’t need to.)