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Setting Straight Common Body Waxing Myths, Part 2

February 11, 2020

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the common myths out there with regard to waxing and other hair removal formats. There are unfortunately numerous such misconceptions floating around, some of which have been spread like a game of broken telephone for years despite being patently untrue.

At His & Hers Waxing, we’re proud to offer not only comprehensive men’s and women’s waxing services, from bikini and Brazilian wax formats to many other styles, but also expertise and clarification on any of these myths you may have heard about our services or other hair removal areas. Let’s go over a few additional such myths that may have made their way to you, then set them straight so you have the correct information.

Myth #5: Gray Hairs and Regrowth

We’re not sure where it got started, but our waxing experts have all heard the phrase, “When you pluck a gray hair, three more will grow back!”

Here’s the thing: That’s not actually true, whether we’re talking about a few strands or larger areas of gray hair you may consider waxing. Gray hairs are just like any others on your body – when they are removed, a single hair strand will grow back in their place. There is nothing separating gray hairs from other types other than their color.

Myth #6: Pain Tolerance

We talked about the myth of waxing and pain in part one, and we’ll hit it from a slightly different angle here. Even once they are aware that waxing does not cause extreme pain, and is more of a minor discomfort for people, some worry that they have to have a high pain tolerance to undergo regular waxing. This is not the case, and even those with very low such tolerances can undergo waxing using proper pain reduction techniques.

Myth #7: Sagging or Wrinkles

Again, we’re unsure where this myth came from, but there are some out there under the mistaken believe that body waxing causes the skin to sag and form wrinkles or lines over time. In reality, however, the opposite is true: The skin is held tight during the waxing process, and also is exfoliated during the removal process – said exfoliation actually helps make the skin smoother and prevents aging signs like wrinkles.

Myth #8: Hair Must Be Long

Finally, one of the most common myths out there is that you can only obtain body waxing services if the hair in the area in question is long. Did you realize that hair only needs to be a quarter-inch in length for it to be smoothly and safely waxed off?

For more on debunking common skin waxing myths, or to learn about any of our waxing services, speak to the staff at His & Hers Waxing today.