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Setting Straight Common Body Waxing Myths, Part 1

December 10, 2019
Mid section of therapist waxing woman's leg at spa center

Like within any industry or service that’s become extremely popular, there are a few unfortunate myths that have developed about body waxing over the years. From Brazilian and bikini waxing to various other formats, certain pieces of misinformation have spread across popular culture, causing some people to have mistaken views about the entire practice.

At His & Hers Waxing, not only are we proud to offer both men’s and women’s waxing services, we’re also happy to address any of the strange facts you may have heard about waxing and inform you of whether they’re true or not. Down these lines, this two-part blog series will dig into a number of common myths about waxing and other hair removal formats, ensuring you have the proper information before deciding on any such services.

Myth #1: Infection Risks

Some have become worried about infections related to professional waxing, but these concerns are generally misplaced. Infection risk during waxing is minimal to nonexistent, especially when working with professionals like ours who understand the ins and outs of sanitary practices.

One particular myth here is that infection risks rise if a waxing technician double-dips the waxing stick – again, this just isn’t true. Your technician will generally use a fresh stick for each application anyway, but this is not due to infection risks.

Myth #2: At-Home Treatments Offer the Same Results

While there are many take-home waxing kits and related products out there today, it’s important to realize that these do not come with the same level of quality. While some of their materials might be comparable to what professionals use – only sometimes, that is – they do not come with the professional expertise and experience our team maintains. Those who do not have such experience may struggle, including in areas that lead to discomfort or even risk infection.

Myth #3: Waxing Causes Extreme Pain

Whether due to its depiction in movies or some other reason, many people are under the impression that body waxing is extremely painful, even nearly unbearable in some cases. This simply isn’t true at all – while waxing does sometimes cause mild discomfort or increase sensitivity, it is not extremely painful.

In addition, there are products you can use to decrease your sensitivity and discomfort risks before a wax. Most of these are numbing creams or gels, which remove all sensation for the procedure. If you want to feel nothing during a wax, that’s possible.

Myth #4: Shaving and Coarseness

Shaving is a process that only removes surface hair, meaning that the hair is tapered off and will grow back straight. This is the hair feels coarse when it grows back – but some think it’s actually thicker or coarser than before, and this isn’t true. In either case, however, waxing is an alternative that removes hair from the root, bringing a smooth feeling to new hair strands that grow back eventually.

For more on debunking myths associated with body waxing, or to learn about any of our waxing services, speak to the staff at His & Hers Waxing today.