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Pre & Post Spray Tan Instructions

January 5, 2019

Winter, summer, spring or fall… I think we can all agree that a healthy glow always looks amazing. It can help us look our best which can give us more confidence and help us feel our best as well. Make the most out of your spray tan with these pre & post spray tan instructions.

​Instructions for Before Your Tan

  • Exfoliate! Use a loofah or an exfoliating scrub to remove excess skin before your tan appointment.
  • Come prepared with your hair up and loose clothes to wear after the tan.
  • Avoid using lotion, oils or any moisturizes before your spray tan. These can prevent the solution from giving you a beautiful long lasting tan.
  • Shower before your tan

​Instructions for After Your Tan

  • Leave the solution on your skin for at least 8 hours. Avoid swimming, showering, etc. You can even sleep with it on and shower the next day.
  • Don’t plan on hitting the gym for about 24 hours
  • If your tan looks too dark to you, talk to your esthetician.
  • After your first shower, make sure you pat dry instead of wiping.
  • Use a natural soap & lotion. A lot of chemicals in soap can change the tans appearance. And keeping it hydrated can extend the life of the tan.
  • Avoid mineral oil products – use only natural.
  • Your tan should last for around 7 days – exfoliate the skin when it starts to fade.

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