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Post Wax Skin Care

May 2, 2019

How many of us love a good facial mask? Between charcoal masks, peel off masks, mud masks and sheet masks… we have the ability to really pamper our face. But why is that the only place you should put a mask on? Shouldn’t we pamper all our skin? Isn’t post wax skin care especially important?

When you get waxed, your skin can get irritated and a little inflamed. Mask It! We have two post waxing mask options to soothe and bring down inflammation. One for bikini waxing and one specifically for the gentlemen. We love these products. This is one of our favorite products to give you the best waxing results. We use it here in the clinic because it is effective and it works!

PFB Masks

PFB Bikini Mask is to apply to your bikini area after shaving or waxing for instant healing relief. With a combination of chamomile, sweet almond oil, aloe, rose petals and a few other ingredients, this will not only soothe but will combat bumps, blemishes and even ingrown hairs.

PFB Man Mask is perfect for any hair type from body hair to the coarse facial hair. Simply apply it and leave it on after shaving or waxing. Containing two different bump inhibitors (Resorcinol & Retinyl Palmatate) this will boost results while peppermint will cool the skin. Can be used in conjunction with PFB Vanish Roll On and can even be used with cologne.  

We offer both options for $28 in our salon. Make sure to pick up a bottle at your next waxing appointment! Click here to schedule online.