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Managing Pain During Waxing

March 5, 2019

Almost 100% of first time waxers ask us how much it is going to hurt before their first visit. Truthfully, we can only tell them that it depends. First, everybody’s pain tolerance will be different. What may feel like nothing to one person may bring another to their knees. Second, hair types and lengths can make a difference. And lastly, technique plays a HUGE roll in managing pain during waxing. Here at His & Hers Waxing we have a specialized technique that helps everyone get through their wax appointment with minimal pain. However, check out these tips if you are still worried.

Tips for managing pain during waxing:

  • First is our PFB Numb It. This is a topical lidocaine that numbs the top layer of the skin. This is great for anyone that has thicker hair. Apply it to the area about to be waxed at least 15 minutes before your wax and it will take the edge off the pain. This is available at both our locations for $30.
  • Another option is to take some Tylenol or Advil before your wax to help minimize the pain. This will also help reduce inflammation after the wax. A classic win-win situation.
  • Another great option is our PFB Vanish. This is another topical treatment (meaning applied to the skin) that is actually a chemical exfoliant meant to loosen your hair follicle and allow it to be pulled out easier. This minimizes pain and the good thing is, it actually continues to work better the more regularly you use it. We have different sizes available at both locations ranging from $3-$30.

Don’t let the worry of pain stop you from waxing!

It does get significantly easier the more you wax, and  remember that we specialize in waxing and literally do it all day long. Our estheticians are highly trained and experienced. We have developed techniques and speed to help this be as painless as possible.

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