Body Waxing Salon Near Holladay, UT

Are you curious about a bikini wax, but too timid to take the plunge? Take your worries out of the equation at His and Hers Waxing. We offer hygienic, high-quality and friendly Brazilians, bikini waxes and full body waxes for gals and guys. If you want to go totally free of hair, we also offer full body waxes for men and women alike. His and Hers Waxing has two easy to find spots near Holladay, UT.

We get the idea of a full body wax (or even just a Brazilian!) can be a worrisome one, but it doesn’t have to be. Our skilled team makes you feel at home from the minute you enter our salon, until the moment your chic and sleek, hair-free body walks out the door.

Body waxing salon near Holladay UT.

Is it Worth it to Wax?

So, is it worth it to wax? Sure is! Waxing lasts way longer than hair removal creams or shaving does. It also gets rid of the root of the hair which does a number of different things for you-your hair takes longer to grow back, and at the time it does grow it won’t be the prickly stubbly hair that shaving creates, but will be smooth baby hair. Lots of our customers don’t have hair growth for 4 to 6 weeks post waxing.

Maintaining a steady waxing schedule can help to make sure your body stays free of hair and smooth longer. The more often you get your body waxed, the better your body responds to getting waxed, which leaves you with a lower sensitivity and less pain while you’re in future waxing appointments.

Why Use His and Hers Waxing as Your Salon?

Women and men throughout the Salt Lake Valley are happy with their beautiful bodies after getting a bikini wax, face wax, back hair removal or full body wax in our Holladay, UT waxing studio. But don’t just believe us-take a peek at some of the testimonials of our satisfied customers! Our kind and skilled team takes care of anything you could need to make sure you get a clean, chic look wherever you want it. Look at our waxing page for bikini waxing costs. To set up an appointment at our Salt Lake City salon, call (801) 449-0527.