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Debunking Myths about Waxing

October 19, 2016

Myth: Hair becomes thicker or darker after waxing


Hair has a natural beveled edge. Waxing can break the hair above or below the skin’s surface, rather than getting completely removed and creating a sharp edge. Therefore, sometimes hair appears thicker or darker than before, though most people find that hair comes back finer and sparser with regular waxing.

Myth: It’s extremely painful


The hair is being pulled out, so this can be uncomfortable. Many people find waxing less painful than other hair removal methods like tweezing and epilating. It all depends where the hair is being removed, who is doing it and the type of wax used.

Myth: Hot wax kills any bacteria


Using the same applicator twice can be dangerous. A licensed technician will only use one applicator per swipe to the skin and then throw it away. Wax can harbor bacteria and transfer it to the next client. Imagine someone using the same applicator they used for another person’s Brazilian wax on your eyebrow shaping treatment. This probably makes you cringe. Good salons will not “double-dip”.

Myth: Waxing will burn me


If wax is heated up too much in the warmer it can cause a burn. Many wax warmers only have on/off switches, which makes it difficult to control the temperature. Even those with adjustable settings can quickly overheat if too little product is left in the container. Usually skin that looks burned or red occurs when someone is taking a certain medication, has a health condition or has overly exfoliated their skin. It typically has nothing to do with wax temperature.

Myth: It’s bad for my skin


Waxing does exfoliate the skin, like many products we apply to our skin do. The minor side effects include redness and swelling or spotting where hair is thick. These are normal side effects. While wax is pulled from the skin, it should be held tautly and won’t be too traumatic because it’s only pulled off once per area.

Myth: I can’t wax during my period


We don’t recommend a bikini or Brazilian wax during your cycle, as the skin is more sensitive and could make the process more uncomfortable. If you generally don’t have sensitive skin or adverse reactions, removing other body or facial hair should be just fine.