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Back Waxing: Types of Hair Found on the Back

back waxing types hair

There are several areas of the body people may want to have hair removed from, and one example that may not be the most frequent, but is still very important to some people, is the back. Hair on various parts of the back can be annoying and unsightly, plus may grow in different patterns than … Read more

Waxing Care for Specific SLC Skin Conditions

waxing care SLC skin conditions

As anyone who has received waxing services in the past is well aware, there’s a direct connection between waxing and the skin. Waxing is performed on the skin, of course, and the process of removing hair from various skin surfaces may have an impact on the skin for many people. At His & Hers Waxing, … Read more

Regular Wax Vs. Sugar Wax: Preparation and Care

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over a basic comparison between standard forms of body wax and what’s known as sugar wax, or sugaring. This latter product is becoming quite popular in some circles recently, and is made using simple products – including sugar, as the name suggests – while used … Read more

Regular Wax Vs. Sugar Wax: Basics and Trait Comparison

At His & Hers Waxing, we’re proud to offer all the latest men’s and women’s waxing services, from body waxing to Brazilians, facial waxing and even tanning solutions. We keep up on every new modern technique or product that enters the waxing world, and one set of products that’s becoming more popular among many in … Read more

Why Waxing is Generally Superior to Shaving, Part 1

For those regularly interested in removing hair from various parts of their body, a single question has become very common to hear in modern times: Shaving or waxing? As two of the primary hair removal methods out there, many struggle to decide between these two based on their needs, budget and personal appearance desires. At … Read more