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Bikini Wax Frequently Asked Questions

August 10, 2018

Waxing your private area is… well… private. Some people may begin to panic as they think about the pain and embarrassment. Don’t worry, these are common thoughts. We asked our team of waxing exerts what are some of the common questions they are asked from clients. Then we compiled these bikini wax frequently asked questions.

Bikini Wax Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this going to hurt? The most common thing asked to every single wax technician about to perform a bikini wax, is about the pain. Unfortunately, it is an unavoidable part of waxing. There will be some pain, especially or first timers whose hair is dense and thick. However, taking an ibuprofen 30-45 minutes before your treatment can help minimize pain and inflammation.
  • Will this be over soon? Getting your upper lip waxed takes a few minutes, your bikini area can be a longer process. Generally a bikini wax can take between 15-25 minutes but can vary for each person. Keep in mind that your waxing technician is aware of the pain and will try to make you as comfortable as possible.
  • Would laser have been the better choice? At some point while getting waxed, you may think that you should have gone with a laser treatment instead. Did you know that the pain associated with lasers is arguably worse? It is equated with having someone smack you with a rubber band on EACH hair follicle, and in most cases it doesn’t remove all the hair. And long tern, the body will create a thinner and lighter hair for each lasered follicle. This leaves peach fuzz that won’t go away.
  • Would shaving have been the better choice? There is no question that shaving would be less painful than waxing. But it won’t deliver the same results as a good bikini wax. Shaving only removes the shaft of the hair and roots will still be visible. Waxing removes the entire hair from the follicle, including the root. This will result in a much smoother appearance. There is also the issue of shaving causing embarrassing bumps or ingrown hairs, that could actually lead to scars. And lastly, shaving just doesn’t last as long!
  • Is this worth the money? A good bikini wax is worth every penny! Do not be tempted by “amazing deals” on waxing. You are trusting a personal part of your body to someone… make it be an expert. Not just an expert in bikini waxes, but a salon that focuses on cleanliness and hygiene. The risk of infection or worse, is not worth saving $10.
  • How long will my wax last? Waxing results will last longer than shaving but everyone’s hair grows back differently. In general, hair will not grow back in for about 3 weeks, although in some cases it can start growing back within a week and a half.
  • How long should my hair be before waxing? This is something we hear all the time! People can’t stand to let their grow out so they just end up shaving. You don’t need to be TOO hairy but the waxing pros do recommend that you let your hair grow to about a quarter of an inch. This will result in a much better wax (and less pain). Alternately, don’t come in with your hair longer than 2 inches as this can be painful and cause hair breakage.
  • How do I take care of it after? The secret to long lasting results actually comes after your appointment is complete. Exfoliate regularly and hydrate the areas. Dead skin or buildup makes it difficult for the hair to get through, which can cause ingrown hairs. Exfoliating and hydrating is the key! The other thing to remember is that regular waxing means better results, weaker hair follicles and less pain. Talk to your waxing expert to find out what they recommend for you.

What is the first step?

The first step has to be making the appointment! Remember that the hardest part of getting a bikini wax, is just getting yourself through the door. Most new waxing clients say “that wasn’t so bad” before walking out the door. And a few weeks without hair makes them die hard believers. After a few appointments, it gets less painful, and the process gets easier and easier. We have waxing experts available to answer any questions that you my have before booking your appointment. Call or text us today at (801) 449-0527