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Basics on Preparing for an Armpit Wax

February 21, 2018

At His & Hers Waxing, preparation for various waxing services we offer is a vital area. The wrong steps taken before a given wax can lead to sensitivity and other issues, but the right steps taken can get you the perfect smooth skin you’re looking for.

In particular, armpit waxing is a special area that requires a few extra bits of preparation. Here are some important areas to emphasize and avoid when preparing for an armpit wax at a waxing salon.


  • Exfoliate: Clearing the skin of dead cells is vital before a wax, so a proper grip can be achieved. This can also be good after the wax, to prevent ingrown hairs.
  • Trim: Make sure armpit hair is no longer than a quarter of an inch when you head to your appointment. Anything longer will be painful during waxing and can have sub-optimal results.
  • Wash and dry: Make sure you clean your underarms and remove any sweat beforehand.
  • Pain relievers: If you’re worried about pain, it’s okay to take an ibuprofen an hour or two before waxing. But stay away from alcohol and caffeine, as these can make the skin more sensitive.
  • Powder: Using talcum powder or corn starch will help absorb natural oils or moistures, allowing wax to stick to hairs more effectively.
  • Lift arms: During waxing, be sure to lift your arms all the way up to prevent loose skin from being damaged.
  • Protect your clothes: To protect your clothes, consider wearing an old towel or an old tank top while you remove any excess wax on the skin.


  • Forget to test temperature: This is something our pros will be on top of – wax temperature has to be tested to make sure it’s not too hot.
  • Wear tight clothes afterward: Waxing will inevitably cause some irritation right after it’s done, especially if you have sensitive skin. To help with this, avoid wearing tight clothing and favor loose, comfortable clothes, especially around the arms.
  • Wax the same area twice: If you have armpit hairs that grow in different directions, you’ll have to wax in sections. This is another area our pros can help with. Putting hot wax on the same area over and over will lead to irritation.

For more on preparation for an armpit wax, or to learn about any of our other waxing services, speak to the pros at His & Hers Waxing today.