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Basics on Reducing Brazilian Waxing Pain

December 27, 2018

For women looking for clean hair removal services under the swimsuit area, the Brazilian wax is a well-known service. Perfect for taking all the hair off or leaving a little on the top, many women come to us at His & Hers Waxing for regular Brazilian appointments

One of the most common questions asked for this and our other women’s waxing services: Will it hurt? In the case of a Brazilian, we’re up front with our clients – yes, there is at least a chance of some pain, though we will take several steps to help prepare you for this and diminish it wherever possible. Some of this also comes down to how you care for yourself after a Brazilian – here are some basic tips on keeping things as pain-free as possible here. 

Wax Timing

Our first tip actually relates to advanced planning for your Brazilian and other waxing services. There are certain times where the Brazilian is not recommended, such as right before your period – you’re far more sensitive in this area during this time, and the resulting pain could be much more significant.

Rather, we recommend scheduling waxes for just after your period. This chunk of time is on the opposite end of the spectrum, with your pain tolerance at its highest. 


One of the most important steps for keeping your pain down in the days after your Brazilian wax is staying hydrated. Drinking lots of fluids helps keep the skin moisturized and plump, which makes hair removal from a wax that much easier. 

While drinking water is fantastic, we recommend keeping your alcohol intake to a minimum. The whole reputation of alcohol reducing pain is overstated to begin with, plus alcohol is known to tighten the pores – this makes waxing and its results more painful because it’s tougher for the hair to be removed. You should take similar steps with caffeine, which makes the skin more sensitive. 


Using some basic Aspirin or another similar painkiller can help for some people. Some choose to take this just before their appointment, allowing it to kick in and relieve pain both during the procedure and directly afterward. 


A few days before your Brazilian, begin using an exfoliating scrub or mitt to remove the dead skin from the area. This makes the wax itself less painful, plus makes it easier for the wax to reach the hairs the first time. This prevents the need for repeat waxes in any other area, and exfoliation also reduces your chance of ingrown hairs. 

Hair Length

Before attending your Brazilian appointment, check the length of the hairs you’re looking to have removed. If the hair is too short, the wax won’t be able to grab it properly. But if it’s too long, the wax will be too painful. The sweet spot to aim for is roughly a quarter of an inch in length. For more on reducing the pain from a Brazilian wax, or to learn about any of our waxing services for men and women, speak to the staff at His & Hers Waxing today.