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Back Waxing: Wax Types Commonly Utilized

August 10, 2021
back waxing wax types

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the most common types of hair often found on the back. Back hair can be both unsightly and bothersome to many people, growing in strange patterns and often creating an aesthetic many want to get rid of.

At His & Hers Waxing, we’re proud to offer both men’s and women’s body waxing services for numerous areas of the body, including everything from facial waxing to numerous bodily areas, including the back. What are some of the wax options you have available to you if you’re looking to remove hair on your back, and which is best? Here’s a primer.

Spa Wax

One of the single most effective wax types out there for a variety of hair types is spa wax. Spa wax is a very thick, very sticky wax that effectively removes hair at the root by adhering to it. As an added bonus, hairs take longer to grow back after being removed with spa wax.

Spa waxed is applied in the direction the hair grows. From here, it will be removed in the opposite direction to make sure hair is as short as possible.

Sugar Wax

For some others, especially those with medium-length hair on their back, sugar wax is a great option for removal. Sugar wax involves no harsh chemicals, leaving the skin oily and smooth.

It’s important to remember not to put any lotions or oils on your back before undergoing a hair removal procedure that involves sugar wax. The oils will counteract the effectiveness of this wax type.

Hard Wax

This is one of the most effective waxes out there for your back. Hard wax is a warm, thick, sticky type of wax that adheres to the hair follicle with ease. This wax quickly and effectively removes hair at the root, preventing it from growing back easily. It’s often used for short, coarse hair — either hair that’s early in the growth process, or hair from someone who doesn’t see theirs grow particularly long.

Wax Strips

Finally, wax strips come in separate packages depending on the body part you’re looking to wax. Wax strips are separate wrappings of thick wax applied directly to the skin. As the strip is ripped off, it pulls hair along with it for a quick and easy removal process.

Wax strips are perhaps the most convenient type out there, requiring just a simple application and then a peeling of the strips apart from one another. You simply rub the strip repeatedly while it’s on your skin, adhering it to the hair, then pull it off for smooth, beautiful skin.

For more on the wax options available to you for back hair, or to learn about any of our body waxing, below-the-belt waxing or other services, speak to the staff at His & Hers Waxing today.