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Back Waxing: Types of Hair Found on the Back

back waxing types hair

There are several areas of the body people may want to have hair removed from, and one example that may not be the most frequent, but is still very important to some people, is the back. Hair on various parts of the back can be annoying and unsightly, plus may grow in different patterns than … Read more

Waxing Care for Specific SLC Skin Conditions

waxing care SLC skin conditions

As anyone who has received waxing services in the past is well aware, there’s a direct connection between waxing and the skin. Waxing is performed on the skin, of course, and the process of removing hair from various skin surfaces may have an impact on the skin for many people. At His & Hers Waxing, … Read more

Post Wax Skin Care

How many of us love a good facial mask? Between charcoal masks, peel off masks, mud masks and sheet masks… we have the ability to really pamper our face. But why is that the only place you should put a mask on? Shouldn’t we pamper all our skin? Isn’t post wax skin care especially important? … Read more

Managing Pain During Waxing

Almost 100% of first time waxers ask us how much it is going to hurt before their first visit. Truthfully, we can only tell them that it depends. First, everybody’s pain tolerance will be different. What may feel like nothing to one person may bring another to their knees. Second, hair types and lengths can … Read more

Better Waxing Results With Vanish PFB Chromabright.

Ingrown Hairs Waxing Bumps Folliculitis Besides treating the above, it also: Brightens & Lifts Pigment (Lactic Acid & Willow Bark Extract) Makes Waxing Less Painful Kills bacteria (alcohol) Exfoliates the skin (glycolic & salicylic aid) Clears Pores Although the best benefit may actually come with time. With regular use, your hair follicle will loosen and … Read more

5 Benefits To Brazilian Wax

If you are considering getting a Brazilian wax you may have some anxiety, about the pain or the discomfort of being exposed to a stranger. But I’m here to tell you… it is worth it. In this article we will go over what a Brazilian Wax is as well as 5 benefits to Brazilian Wax. … Read more

Pre & Post Spray Tan Instructions

Winter, summer, spring or fall… I think we can all agree that a healthy glow always looks amazing. It can help us look our best which can give us more confidence and help us feel our best as well. Make the most out of your spray tan with these pre & post spray tan instructions. … Read more

8 Tips For Waxing

Whether you are a first time waxer or a pro, it is a good idea to review the following 8 tips for waxing. We asked the experts at His & Hers Waxing the most important things for everyone to remember about waxing. Leave something to wax! It can be tempting to shave before going in … Read more