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Airbrush Spray Tanning FAQ

September 18, 2018

His & Hers Waxing offers airbrush spray tanning. Whether you are a pro or a newbie, we have addressed the most common questions we are asked about airbrush spray tanning. First and foremost though, the most important thing is that you are going to be even more gorgeous than you already are. And warning: a healthy glow has often led to a boost in confidence and appeal. Use with caution. 😉 We spoke with the experts at His & Hers Waxing and put together this airbrush spray tanning FAQ.


Airbrush Spray Tanning FAQ

  • Is Airbrush Spray Tanning Safe? You bet! The main ingredient DHA has been FDA approved. You’ll also be getting a great color without harmful UV rays.
  • What is DHA? Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is a type of sugar. When it is applied to the skin it causes a natural chemical reaction to the skin producing the color of your tan.
  • How Long Will The Application Last? It is different for everyone but your tan will last you anywhere from 5-10 days. Your tan will naturally fade depending on how much you’ll be in water (shower/swimming/sweating) and the natural moisture of your skin.
  • How Do I Get The Best Out Of My Tan? The first thing BEFORE the appointment is to have clean exfoliated skin. Having no products or oils on the skin will help the tan to go on even and last longer. AFTER the appointment, avoid exfoliation, hot tubs/baths, and moisturize! Avoid products with alcohol and did we mention to moisturize?
  • Can I Wax Before My Airbrush Spray Tan? Yes! We will provide wipes to clean any oils off the skin so you can receive a spray tan after waxing. Waxing after the appointment will take off your tan and cause streaking so schedule accordingly.
  • What Can I Expect At The Appointment? You can plan on 20-25 min for your service. You’ll fill out a consent form and then have a consultation with your tan tech to choose the right color. While your tan tech gets the solution ready, you’ll undress to your comfort level and prepare to be tanned. Your tech will walk you through step by step a series of positions to get an even, beautiful tan. The tech will apply powder to different areas and dry you as well. After the tan is applied, you can wipe your feet and get dressed. The tan can come off at this stage so wear lose dark clothing till the tan processes. But don’t worry! The color will come out of clothing/sheets after washing them.
  • Do People Go Nude? Isn’t That Embarrassing? YES people go nude and NO it isn’t embarrassing! You might feel scared to go nude but our tan techs all are comfortable and used to the human body. We all wax full bodies in our other lives. Going nude will get you the best tan without possible streaking or lines. But there is no pressure! So you can wear your swimsuit, undergarments or use disposables. We just want you to know that it is normal and our techs are total professionals if you do choose to wear your birthday suit.
  • What Should I Do After The Service? Wait at least 8 hours before showering/exercising. Less than 8 hours will not give the tan enough time to process. This includes NOT GETTING WET before the 8 hours. Getting wet will cause your tan to steak or be blotchy. (This includes spilling your water bottle down your face 😉 so be careful!)

How do I get started with my first airbrush spray tan?

Call or text us at 801-449-0527 to ask us any further questions or schedule your appointment. Remember you can tack this on at the end of your waxing appointment as well. Ready to book online? Click here to get started.