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8 Tips For Waxing

December 28, 2018

Whether you are a first time waxer or a pro, it is a good idea to review the following 8 tips for waxing. We asked the experts at His & Hers Waxing the most important things for everyone to remember about waxing.

  1. Leave something to wax! It can be tempting to shave before going in for a wax or not leave enough time for growth before you wax. However, not having enough hair will mean not as good results. You need between 10-12 days of growth for best results. No 5 o’clock shadow will work.
  2. Ladies – avoid the 5 days before and after your period. Not just for your own comfort but because the area tends to be a little more sensitive during that time.
  3. Some meds like accutane or blood thinners, can mean thinner skin and higher sensitivity. If you are on these, please speak with your waxer before your appointment to see if you can go through with waxing.
  4. Don’t be shy! You are about to be as close to your wax expert as almost anyone else in your life. Communicate with them about your fears, issues, pain, etc. Open communication will do wonders for your wax.
  5. Experience is key! Don’t just throw in a wax at your hair studio. Look for someone that specializes in waxing that will have the experience to wax you quickly and efficiently.
  6. There is no avoiding it – you will have some discomfort. Pain tolerance levels are different for everyone, but you will experience some discomfort. Your first time will be the most painful but it will improve with steady waxing. And if you are scared or the pain is too much – talk to your waxer. They will have suggestions and ideas to help you.
  7. Pamper your… you know what. For 24 hours after waxing, let the area heal. Don’t go to the gym and get all sweaty. Or jump into a sauna, or apply thick lotions… just let the area heal for a while. (PS – wax a few days before Valentines, ladies…. you know what I mean.)
  8. Choose your design… You get to decide if you want to go bare or if you want to leave any sort of strip, triangle, etc. Just discuss it with your waxer before beginning.

Trust the pros

After reading the above tips, you probably sense a theme. Communication with a waxing professional is key to getting the best results, with the least amount of pain.

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